Spanking Stories by Naomi Darvell

The late 1990s were an amazing time. The Web was growing geometrically. It was a time when software engineers felt like they were the heirs of the future. There were exciting new experiments in expression and communication. The on-line liberal publication was going strong. On there erotic front published essays on sexuality and erotic stories. One of the early contributors to Clean Sheets was Naomi Darvell.

Naomi Darvell is a nom de plume. Naomi write: "Darvell is a name from Suburban Souls, one of my Edwardian flagellation faves". Suburban Souls is Victorian (Edwardian?) literary erotica written by that most prolific of Victorian authors "Anonymous". See Richard Manton's published in the Evergreen Review (Richard Manton is a connoisseur of Victorian spanking erotica and is the author of a number of erotic spanking novels). There is some caning in Suburban Souls but it is not "flagellation" erotica. I think that Naomi may have been thinking instead of , also by Anonymous, a spanking novel from 1891.

I first met Naomi in the USENET group soc.sexuality.spanking. The USENET groups were the original internet discussion groups and soc.sexuality.spanking is the decedent of, a discussion group that started in the mid-1980s.

The USENET groups were originally distributed from computer system to computer system via dial-up phone lines and early ISPs like Netcom and Best provided USENET access. Google now hosts the USENET archives and the active groups at .

I found Naomi's stories erotic and very well written. Naomi's characters burn with a fascination for spanking. Her stories have characters that seem real and plots that are plausible. There is a certain innocent feel about Naomi's stories. The characters are either young or not very worldly college girls. This gives Naomi's stories a certain sweet, sexy feel.

While Naomi is a faster writer than Wintermute, good stories take time and weeks would pass between Naomi's stories. When ever a new Naomi Darvell story appeared on-line I would eagerly read it. Then at some point around the great dot-com die-off, Naomi's stories stopped. In the back of my mind I always thought that I could find her stories in the Google archives. But this can be more difficult than one might think. Also, the Google archive seems to be imperfect. Only part three of Naomi's wonderful story Summer at my Father's still seems to be available.

I was Googling around, probably using search terms like "bare bottom", panties and paddle when I encountered Naomi's story Eliza in the Google cache of a new defunct web site Louiza's Spanking Files ( Louiza died a few years ago and sadly her site seems to have gone off-line (although parts can still be found at the wonderful ). Seeing Louiza's site go off-line got me thinking about how sad it was that Naomi's stories are not more generally accessible. So I sent an email to Naomi asking if I could republish her stories here. She kindly gave me permission.

These stories are all copyright Naomi Darvell. I am reprinting them here, but I have no ownership of these stories. They are entirely Naomi's with the exception of a few typo corrections and the HTML formatting I've added. I have not included Naomi's email address here, but you can find it in if you look.

Each of these stories started with the statement If you're under eighteen, please don't read this.

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