While I'm Gone

"I've arranged to have you punished", Lisa told John when they talked on the phone that evening. Lisa was out of town and tomorrow was Sunday, when she usually gave him his weekly punishment spanking.

"I've told them how I want you punished. I want you to think of it as me punishing you. I expect you to do everything you are told and to take you punishment without question, as if it were me spanking you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Don't be late" Lisa cautioned.

"No, Ma'am" John answered.

"Ok, good boy. Sleep well. I love you."

"I love you", John told her.

The address Lisa had given John turned out to be a Victorian mansion. The garden was full of roses and the sun shown from the cream color paint. He went through a garden gate and up a short flight of stairs to a porch and the front door. He rang the bell rather nervously. A few minutes after he rang the doorbell the door was answered by a woman. She was tall, close to six feet and wearing spike heels, which made her even taller. She was wearing a white low cut blouse, with a lace border and a short skirt. Her legs seemed to go on forever. She had raven black hair, cascading down over her shoulders. John noticed she had deep blue eyes.


The woman's appearance was so striking that it took John a moment to respond. "I have an appointment" he told her somewhat timidly.

"An appointment for what?"

John thought of checking the address, but considering the way she was dressed, this had to be the right place. "For a spanking, Ma'am" he told her.

"Come in" she told him, shutting the door behing him. After getting his name she checked a book on a podium. "Here it is. You have an appointment with Alysia. Please follow me."

She lead him down a hall to an office, her heels tapping softly on the hard wood floor. John could see the muscles of her buttocks move beneath the tight skirt as she walked. The woman seated herself behind a wide desk, which was empty of papers or even a telephone. The sort of desk, John imagined, that a naughty boy could be bent over, his pants and brief around his ankles, for a caning.

The woman opened a file drawer and took out a folder and placed it on the desk. She took out two sheets of paper. She read from one.

"Your wife Lisa has arranged for us to punish you in her absence. This will include a hard spanking. You will be naked when this spanking is administered. You can expect that the spanking will be painful and may result in bruises and welts. Your punishment may include being bound over a spanking bench. Please sign this form stating that this will be done with your consent."

With some trepidation, John signed the form.

The woman took the form from him and put it back in the folder and replaced the folder in the file cabinet. She got up from the desk and he followed her out of the room, back to the entryway where he had come in.

There was a wide carpeted staircase just beyond the entryway. The bannister was carved dark wood. A dark maroon carpet covered the center of the stairs, leaving a dark wood border on the side. John followed the woman as she turned up the stairs. At first all he could look at was her bottom, outlined beneath her short tight skirt. John was disappointed to find that it was not quite short enough for him to see her panties as she walked up the stairs. As he went up the stairs he raised his gaze and he was surprised to see a naked woman at the top of the stairs.

The top bannister post was a tall smooth pillar of dark wood. The woman's wrists were cuffed above her head, attached to brass rings in the dark wood. She was blindfolded with a black silk sleeping mask. The woman he was following walked by the naked woman as if she was not there. When he stopped to look at the naked girl, he noticed that she had recently had a spanking, leaving her bottom and upper thighs blushed crimson.

The woman he was following noticed that he had stopped and turned back towards him. "She is waiting for her whipping" the woman told him. "Please follow me." She went down the hall to a bedroom and John entered before her. She shut the door. There was a double bed with a lace comforter and a pile of pillows at the head. There were paddles, whips and spanking straps hanging on one wall and an umbrella stand full of canes next to the bed.

"Please undress to your panties", she told John

John nervously did as she ordered. He felt very self-conscious as he undressed under her gaze. He folded his clothes neatly placing them on the bed, putting his shoes next under it. The woman took his clothes and shoes. "You will get these back at the end of the session. Alysia will be in shortly to punish you." She then turned and left, closing the door behind her.

He sat on the bed and waited. After a few minutes he heard the smack of leather on flesh and sound of a woman crying out in pain. He imagined that the naked woman at the top of the stairs was getting her whipping.

A few minutes later the door opened and a woman came in, shutting the door behind her. For a brief moment the sound of the whipping down the hall was louder. The woman was wearing a black lace bra and black string bikini panties. Her face was masked in a grey feathered owl mask. The mask ended in a small beak that went over her nose, leaving the lower part of her face uncovered. Her blue eyes looked out of the feathers of the owls face, the feathers pluming up over her forehead and around the sides. She had light blond hair that was drawn back in a pony tail.

"My name is Alysia" she told him. "I'll be giving you your punishment today." John's eyes traveled from the mask to her full breasts. He could see the faint outline of the aureoles of her nipples beneath the sheer black lace. Her string bikini panties made a small black triangle between her thighs.

Alysia had a clipboard in her hand. She glanced down at the clipboard. "You're John and your wife's name is Lisa?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

Alysia put the clipboard on the top the night stand by the bed.

"Did you wife tell you that you are here to be punished?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"I talked to Lisa yesterday. I'm afraid that your punishment will include a very hard spanking", Alysia said, almost apologetically. "For such a painful spanking, you have the option of being restrained over a spanking bench. If you don't hold position or you clench your bottom too much I'll have to put you over the spanking bench and add extra punishment. So it is better to ask to be bound now and avoid the extra punishment."

"I won't need to be restrained, Ma'am"

"OK, I always ask. Some of my clients are crying by the end of a punishment spanking and have a hard time lying still."

Alysia sat down on the edge of the bed. "Are there any questions before we get started?"

"No, Ma'am" John answered.

"OK, then." Alysia pointed to the wall where paddles and straps hung. "Please get me the light paddle at the end" she told John, pointing to the wall. John did as she ordered and went to her right side and handed her the paddle.

"Pull your panties down and lie over my lap"

John was embarrassed to find that his cock was hard and pressing against the cotton material of his briefs as he pulled them down to the middle of his thighs. He lay over Alysia's lap, his cock against her bare thigh. The erotic feeling of Alysia's bare thigh against John's cock was soon replaced by the pain of the paddle smacking across his bottom.

Alysia paddled John with a steady rhythm, bringing the paddle hard across his buttocks. After a while she stopped, allowing him to catch his breath. She caressed John's bottom. "You've been a good boy and stayed still."

She started paddling him again, harder this time, making John cry out after each stroke. When she finally stopped, his bottom felt like it was on fire.

"Ok, honey. You can get up now and step out of those panties". He let his briefs fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

Alysia pointed to the end of the bed. "I want you to kneel and bend over the end of the bed."

There was a padded kneeler, like the ones in church, but a higher, at the end of the bed. He knelt on it and bent over. The kneeler was high enough that his bottom was pushed up when he bent over. Alysia went to the umbrella stand, took out a rattan cane and moved behind him. John heard the swish of the cane, before it burned across his ass. She gave the strokes very hard, laying the first stroke near the top of his buttocks, and moving downward, with an exact precision as he cried out with each stroke.

Alysia gave John a brief rest while she ran her fingers over his bottom, felling the raised welts left by the cane. Then his punishment started again, the hot metal pain of the rattan burning across his raised ass.

John had another brief break when she exchanged the rattan cane for a purple synthetic cane, which was heavier than the rattan and hurt even more. He cried out with each stroke, clenching his buttocks near the end and earning two extra strokes, which Alysia gave harder than the others.

Alysia put the purple cane back in the cane stand and took a heavy wood bath brush from the wall. "You can get up now, Honey" she told him. "I want you to lie over my lap again".

When John was in place over Alysia's knee, she told him "This is going to hurt a lot and I want you to lie still. I'm punishing you for your wife today and I want you to think of her as I spank you".

She began paddling John hard with the bath brush, alternating buttocks. As the pain built and he cried out, he did think of his wife, forgetting for a time that he was not over her lap getting his weekly punishment spanking. When it was finally over Alysia told him to get up.

"Please wait here, I'll be back in a few minutes" Alysia told him. John could see her round buttocks beneath the sheer panties as she turned and left the room.

John rubbed his bottom and thighs. His skin was hot and very sore from the spanking. He waited nervously, wondering whether his punishment was over. Alysia returned about ten minutes later. He followed her down the hall, watching her bottom beneath her sheer panties. She opened a dark wood door at the end of the hall, standing aside to allow him to enter. She shut the door behind them.

In the middle of the room was a spanking bench. Standing to the right of the spanking bench was a woman, who like Alysia was wearing only a black lace bra and bikini panties. Her face was covered by a dark feathered hawk mask, the feathers flaring up around her black hair which was held in a french braid. Over her panties she was wearing a black dildo harness. A black dildo, covered by a condom, stood out like an erect silicon cock. In her right hand she held a black riding whip.

"This is Ann", Alysia told him. "She will be administering the rest of the punishment your wife asked us to give you." Alysia walked over to the spanking bench.

"Come over here, please" she told him, indicating a padded top of the spanking bench. "For the last part of your punishment I am going to put you over the spanking bench."

He knelt over the bench. He was positioned in a V, his torso on the top of the bench, with his knees forward, pushing his bottom out at about waist level.

"Please reach back and spread your buttocks" Alysia ordered. He reached back and cupped a buttock in each palm. His cheeks were hot under his hands as he spread them. He felt very exposed, his ass pushed up by the spanking bench. He heard the sound of a drawer opening and closing and then the snap of rubber as Alysia put on a latex glove. Alysia penetrated him several times with her finger as she pushed lube inside him.

"Please move your arms forward on the arm rests" Alysia told him when she had finished and discarded the latex glove. She fastened his arms to padded cuffs at the front of the bench and strapped his thighs and ankles in the back. He felt very vulnerable and exposed, his bottom pushed out, his legs spread.

"Ann will give you your punishment now", Alysia told him. He heard the door open and close as Alysia left the room.

Ann caressed John's bottom. "I see Alysia gave you a good hard spanking." She ran her fingers over the welts left by the cane and the bruses that had been contributed by the bath brush. "Such a hot, sore bottom. I'm afraid that your spanking is not quite over" she said regretfully. "I'm going to have to give you a whipping. The room is sound proofed so you may cry as loudly as you want."

Ann brought the whip down hard across his ass. The whip across the cane welts was especially painful and he cried out. She continued to whip him, giving the strokes slowly and very hard. The whipping seemed to go on a long time as he cried out after each stroke. After she had given John twenty strokes she hung the whip on a hook on the spanking bench.

John heard the squish of the KY as she lubed the dildo. "Your wife ask that your prunishment be finished with a good hard ass fucking, honey" Ann told him. "Now I want you to relax and take it for me or I'm going to have to give you more whip."

She pressed the tip of the dildo against John's anus. "Come on, honey. Relax and take it for me. If you don't I'm going to have to spank you" she told John as she gently pushed the dildo forward. "Push that bottom up a little for me." John did as he was told, but he was still tight.

She pulled away. "I'm going to give you another ten strokes for not giving me your ass."

The whip cracked hard across John's ass again. She gave the strokes fast and very hard. When it was over his cheeks were lined with tears. Ann moved behind him again and he felt the dildo against his anus. He imagined that it was Lisa behind him, fucking him after she spanked him. He pushed his bottom up as much as the straps binding him allowed, relaxing as Ann thrust inside him. Ann started out with slow thrusts. As she thrust harder and faster, funcking him hard, slamming against his hot punished buttocks, she told him "Ok, that's a good boy. Take your ass fucking. Take it for me." She fucked him for about five minutes before withdrawing.

Ann left him bound on the spanking bench as she took off the dildo harness. She went to the side of the room where there was a sink and discarded the condom in a medical waste trashcan. She put the dildo and harness on the counter next to the sink and washed her hands.

She walked back to where he lay. "It's been a pleasure giving you your punishment." She caressed his bottom. "Alysia will be back in a few minutes."

When Alysia returned she unstrapped John from the spanking bench and gave him his clothes. "I'm scheduled to administer another spanking in a few minutes. I enjoyed spanking you and I hope Lisa will send you to us again when she is out of town. I'll tell her that you took your punishment like a good boy."

Alysia left the room and John dressed. A few minutes later the woman who had met him at the front door came in and he followed her out to the front door.

The welts from the whipping Ann gave him were still visible when Lisa came home two days later.

September, 2004

Case Wintermute

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