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Mommy put the paddle ball paddle and the bath brush down on the bed and smoothed her short skirt over her bottom as she sat down.

The boy moved to her right side. He could see the tops of her breasts that were bared by her low cut blouse. He wished that he could nuzzle them, burying his face in her cleavage.

"Over my lap, honey" Mommy told him, as she hiked up her skirt, baring her thighs. He could see that she was wearing black lace panties. The boy lay over her lap, positioning his bottom over the top of her right thigh, his legs and upper body supported by the bed. The boy was naked and his bottom and upper thighs were crimson. Mommy caressed his bottom, running her hand over the hot skin, trailing her fingers over the cane welts that covered his buttocks and thighs with darker red lines.

Once a week Mommy punished him and this was his spanking day. After taking his morning shower he had to wear a pair of her panties that she set out for him. They felt different from the cotton bikini briefs he wore on other days. The front was tighter and not big enough and the silk or nylon felt different, more sensual. Mommy always spanked him very hard and the panties reminded him of the punishment he had coming.

Although he was always punished on spanking day, the time depended on Mommy's "to do" list. Usually it was an item on the mental list of things she needed to do, but if it was a particularly busy day, she would write the list down. On those days the boy would apprensively watch her check items off the list until she came "give spanking".

They had been out shopping earlier that day. After Mommy had put things away she told him to go to his room and get ready. "I'll be up in fifteen minutes and I want you to think about how you've been naughty this week while you're waiting for your spanking" Mommy told him.

He went up stairs to his room and undressed, leaving the sheer string bikini panties she had given him to wear. He layed out the ruler paddle and the rattan cane on the bed and piled the pillows in the middle of the bed. He hated having to wait, looking at the paddle and the cane, thinking about how much they would hurt across his bare bottom.

He always felt releived when Mommy finally came into the room, glad that he could stop dreading his punishment and get it over with. Or he felt that way until he lay across Mommy's lap for his paddling, his pantied pulled down to the middle of his thighs.

The ruler paddle was a light paddle and stung without leaving any bruses. She paddled him until his bottom was red and he was crying out with each stroke. Then she told him to get up and go over the pillows. The panties had worked their way down past his knees as he kicked his legs while she paddled him and he stepped out of them, putting them on the night stand. He lay over the pillows, his bottom pushed up, presented for the cane.

The caning was long and hard, as it always was. She spanked him first with the rattan cane, giving the strokes in sets of twenty, hard and fast across his bottom and more slowly across his thighs. After giving him forty storkes with the rattan cane she switched to a clear plastic cane, which had a heavier, more painful stroke.

Her hand felt cool on his hot punished skin as she caressed him. The boy's bottom was very sore and he knew that the pleasure of Mommy's caresses would soon be replaced by the smack of the paddle on his welted buttocks.

Mommy picked up the paddle ball paddle, wrapping her left arm firmly around his waist. She brought the paddle down hard on his left buttock, alternating cheeks as she spanked him and he cried out with each stroke. After giving him ten strokes on each cheek Mommy gave him a chance to catch his breath as she caressed him. After a few minutes the crack of the paddle and his cries were again filling the room. After giving him another ten strokes on each side she put the paddle down.

She caressed his bottom, running her index finger between his cheeks. "Whose bottom is this?", she asked him.

"It's yours, Mommy" he told her.

"That's right honey. You're mine. I want you to ask Mommy to give you a good hard ass fucking to finish your punishment"

"Please don't make me ask for it Mommy."

She picked up the bath brush. "OK, honey, I'll give you a choice. If you don't want to ask Mommy to fuck you in the ass, you can ask Mommy to spank you with the brush."

"No, please don't spank me with the brush. It hurts so much. Can't you spank me with your hand?"

"I can see that even after a good hard spanking my naughty boy need a lesson in obedience. I'm going to give you fifteen strokes on each side, extra hard."

She paddled him hard with the brush, covering the curve of his buttocks with brush smacks. This part of his spanking hurt more than anything before and he cried out with each stroke.

"Have you learned to do what Mommy tells you, honey", she asked when she finished paddling him.

"Yes, Mommy! I'll be a good boy. Please don't spank me anymore."

"If you don't want Mommy to spank you then you need to be a good boy and ask for the dildo."

"Please don't make me ask, Mommy."

"If you don't ask for the dildo, what do you have to ask Mommy for instead?"

"The brush? Will you please spank me with the brush, Mommy?"

"Yes I will. Since you were a good boy and asked Mommy to spank you, I'll only give you ten on each side."

She started paddling him again, spanking him very hard and fast with the brush. "I'll be a good boy, Mommy" he cried as she spanked him. "Ow, Ow, it hurts so much. Please don't spank me. Please fuck my ass"

As she spanked him, she told him "We need to finish your spanking and then you can ask again, honey."

"Do you want to ask Mommy for another ten strokes with the paddle?" she asked when she finished paddling him.

"No, please don't spank me, Mommy. I'll take the dildo. Please fuck my ass."

"I will honey. I'm going to give you a good hard fucking. Now live over the pillows and spread your cheeks."

He got up from her lap, and lay over the pillows. He spread his thighs wide and pushed up his bottom. He could feel his buttocks, hot and sore under his hands as he spread his cheeks. He waited like this, his punished bottom presented, his buttocks spread wide while she undressed and put on the harness with the double dildo, one side in her, one side thrusting out.

She moved behind and he heard the squish of the KY as she lubed the dildo. There was no resistance when she penitrated him with her index finger, pushing more lube inside him. Then he felt the tip of her silicon cock against his ass as she slowly pushed inside him. When she pushed the dildo all the way inside him, he moved his hand, bracing them against the headboard of the bed, as she started to move against him, thrusting hard, slamming into his sore bottom. She came as she fucked him, the other side of the dildo pressing against her clit and g-spot.

September, 2004

Case Wintermute

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